11 Best Ways To Save Your Phone Battery Life

11 Best Ways To Save Your Phone Battery Life

In this article we will be considering “11 Best Ways To Save Your Phone Battery Life” We’ve all grappled with whether to close background applications to save a phone’s battery life. Some people agree with this ideology of closing background applications to boost battery life, performance and also to save mobile data while others such as Apple and Goggle’s Android Team don’t agree with this. Apple and Goggle’s Android team state that background applications don’t take enough of your phone’s resources to affect its’s performance.

In my opinion I will say both parties are right, background applications may not use your phone resources on their own, android phones and apple devices will refresh background applications by default. This uses your phone’s battery and your data while background applications refreshing don’t drain your resources as much as screen brightness and cellular connection, stopping applications from refreshing can help conserve your battery and data for when you really need them.

Low power mode for Apple devices and Battery saver for Android phones both stop background applications from refreshing, the downside of using battery saver is that it reduces the performance of your device.

How To Stop Background Applications From Refreshing On Apple Devices

  • Open Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap Background Applications Refresh
  • Tap Background Applications Refresh again
  • Then you will be given various options either to;
  • Turn background applications refreshing off or
  • Limit background applications to refresh  when you are connected to Wi-Fi or
  • Background applications to refresh on Wi-Fi & Cellular data

How To Stop Background Applications From Refreshing On Android Devices

  • Open settings
  • Tap Network & Internet
  • Tap Data saver
  • Toggle use data saver on

11 Best Ways To Save Your Phone Battery Life

  1. Turn off background apps:  Ensure to turn off the refreshing of background applications to save your battery life. You can access this in your device settings under the data usage section.
  2. Turn off location services: Turning on your location will help to locate your phone is stolen but at the system keeping your location on at all times also attribute to depleting your battery life.
  3. Find and disable apps that use the most power using background activity: Locate the applications that consume the most power on your device using background activity and turn them off.
  4. Use Airplane mode: You can as well put your device on airplane mode when you don’t have use for your network to save your battery life.
  5. Reduce screen’s brightness: Most of us tend to increase our phones to max brightness even when we are in an area with plenty lighting, this reduces your device battery life instead you can use the adaptive brightness to save your battery life.
  6. Turn off your phone : If your not using your device instead of leaving the device on to consume power turn it off and you can always turn it on when you have use for it.
  7. Turn your phone off completely: You can always switch off your phone if you have no use for it to conserve battery for when your ready to use it.
  8. Turn off location services / reporting: Like background data and push notifications, location services can be a quiet killer, draining your smartphone battery behind the scenes. You’ve probably already realized that GPS navigation sucks the juice right out of your device, but this makes sense: after all, your phone is working constantly to track your spot on the map.
  9. Turn off all those notifications: Constantly receiving notifications all the Time, all day long will also contribute to depletion of battery life.
  10. Keep your battery from going to 0% or 100%: Avoid overcharging and overusing your device to save your battery life
  11. Avoid charging your battery beyond 100%: We make it a habit of charging our phones overnight this habit is also destroying your battery life.

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