Top 23 best technology blogs for Programmers

Top 23 best technology blogs for Programmers

As a developer to stay at the very top of your game you need to immerse yourself in reading articles that are going keep you soaring higher and higher. Reading is a useful tool to improving your knowledge and improve your craft. You should aim to become a good programmer, consistently improving your technique.

  • Having excellent problem-solving skills,
  • Confidence to achieve, and
  • A can-do attitude toward any challenge are important software developer competencies, which make that developer a valued resource in any organization.

Check out the list of the best tech blogs, that will help you stay at the top your game always.


A relatively new blog, thats well versed on programming updates, news, applications and reviews.

Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers is where the best developer blogs and the best entrepreneur blogs meet and swap war stories. An indie hacker, as defined by the website founder himself, is a person building an online project that can generate revenue. The Indie Hackers blog is geared towards helping independent entrepreneurs become and remain profitable with owners of successful side projects and founders of profitable startups sharing their tips and tricks.


HackerNoon is one of the best tech blogs out there. Covering everything from AI news and blockchain to gaming, it’s known for free, high-quality, in-depth tech stories. The wide variety of article topics ensures there’s something for everyone whether you’re a recent grad trying to rock their first job, a single dad learning to code on the side or a leading woman in tech looking for a safe place to share and grow.

DEV Community

Have you considered starting or contributing to a developer blog? If so, DEV Community is a great place to get your feet wet. The team at DEV works diligently to foster an open and welcoming environment, making arguably the most positive and friendly development community on the internet

Stack Overflow

With over 100 million visitors each month, Stack Overflow is one of the most popular websites in the world. In this case, the popularity is well deserved. The question-and-answer website for developers was built around the idea of knowledge sharing and reuse

A List Apart

A List Apart started as a mailing list in 1997. That’s right, old-fashioned letter writing at it’s finest.  The website launched in 1998 and, since then, has grown into a must-read software engineering blog for curious coding minds. A List Apart explores the design, development and meaning of web content with a special focus on web standards and best practices.


GeeksforGeeks is written for the yearning programmer within all of us. Or, at least within all of us geeks. Built around the motto “Don’t Learn Alone”, Geeks is a developer blog with everything—articles, tutorials, webinars, courses, etc. But it’s primary goal is to help hungry programmers prepare for the interviews and meetings that will land them their dream job.


Honeypot exists to tell the untold developer stories that help developers around the world know their worth. And, more importantly, how to fight for themselves professionally.

Coding Horror

The Favorite BlogSpot for most developers, Coding Horror offers a refreshing take on the day-to-day realities (and struggles) of living the developer life. People love this blog. It’s honest, it’s witty and it covers the topics that software developers really care about.

This website is a platform where users advise on various educational courses related to software development. This blog is just a treasure trove of valuable information for IT fans since you can find helpful tutorials and guides for programmers here.

Hacker News

It was 2007 when Paul Graham, a world-renowned technology expert, decided to dedicate himself to cybersecurity by creating a special blog. Initially, the website appeared to be a platform for regular news related to online security. It also aimed to make users more aware of online security.


This platform emerged back in 2014 as a nonprofit organization, becoming one of the best free programming platforms for learning code and web development. Along with training courses, users can discuss projects with other members of the community and use this website to get ready for job openings as a developer.

The Daily WTF

The Daily WTF is exactly what you’d expect it to be—a user-submitted blog that highlights the WTF moments of real coders around the globe. It’s a “What Not To Do” guide for developing software, whether independently or on a team. Join for the disastrous coding examples, stay for the “Thank God That’s Not My Problem” anecdotes.

David Walsh Blog

It is of the most well-known personal blogs run by a single developer. He is a senior web developer and front-end engineer, providing Internet users with the coolest programming tutorials. If you’re in search of tutorials to improve your coding and web development skills, this blog is the best place to start with

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Product Hunt

If you’re interested in keeping up with the best new products in tech, you’ll be interested in Product Hunt. It’s a curation of user-submitted products with easy options for finding, sharing and evaluating each piece of new tech. Whether you’re looking to buy, looking to build or just looking to judge there’s something for everyone.

Cult by Honeypot

Another fun and mind-refreshing blog for people interested in technology. It tells untold developer stories, origin stories of different technologies and frameworks, and even workplace management tips by a community of developers.

It’s the best place for programmers to reset and learn about programming-related topics from a different perspective.


Moving from information to jobs – Jobbatical is a platform that features paid international job placements at emerging startups.  Primarily a human resource firm, Jobbatical is the best place for developers who like the digital nomad life. The openings are often for short periods of time, ranging between 2-12 months.


SoloLearn is the fastest-growing online community dedicated to coding and has over 22 million learners worldwide learning how to code using their website.

CSS Tricks

Another highly known programming and web development teaching blog developed, written, and maintained by Chris Coyier in 2007 is CSS Tricks. When it was launched, this programming blog solely focused on the central principle of CSS. It now covers everything related to web creation and web design.

Women Who Code

Women Who Code is a global nonprofit with a community of tech professionals dedicated to supporting one another in their career goals. The Women Who Code developer blog provides tutorials, articles, videos and other educational materials designed to help women excel in the tech space

Simple Programmer

Simple Programmer focuses on distilling complex dev topics into simple, easy-to-understand content. With an emphasis on holistic content, Simple Programmer offers a wide variety of topics on everything from the top reasons you should use python programming language to tackling the mental aspect of being a software developer.


Reddit isa social news website and forum where content is socially curated and promoted by site members through voting. The site name is a play on the words “I read it.” Reddit member registration is free, and it is required to use the website’s basic features

CometChat Blog

The CometChat blog just so happens to be a personal favorite of ours—with articles and insights for developers, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts everywhere

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