How To Access The Metaverse On iphone

In this article I will be considering “How To Access The Metaverse On iPhone”.

What Is Metaverse?

According to Wikipedia, the metaverse is a hypothetical iteration of the Internet as a single, universal and immersive virtual world that is facilitated by the use of virtual reality and augmented reality headsets. In colloquial use, a metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection.

According to Techtarget, the metaverse concept isn’t new. It was first described in the 1992 novel Snow Crash. Several companies later developed online communities based on the concept, most notably Second Life, released in 2003.

In the metaverse, people use avatars to represent themselves, communicate with each other and virtually build out the community. In the metaverse, digital currency is used to buy clothes or weapons and shielding in the case of video games and many other items. Users can also virtually travel through the metaverse for fun with no goal in mind using a virtual reality headset and controllers.

Difference Between The Internet and The Metaverse

The internet is defined as a global network of billions of computers, millions of servers and other electronic devices that are facilitating worldwide communication. With the Internet, it’s possible to access almost any information, communicate with anyone else in the world, and do much more.


The metaverse is defined as a digital space represented by digital representations of people, places, and things. In other words, it’s a “digital world” with real people represented by avatars and digital objects.

It is a combination of multiple elements of technology, including virtual reality and augmented reality where users “live” within a digital universe.

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Examples of Metaverse

  • Second Life: Perhaps the very first example of a virtual world with avatars, this game created a space for people to customize their look and talk to individuals across the globe. Second Life was created by Linden Labs back in 2003, before Facebook (let alone Meta) even existed.
  • Ready Player 1: Ok, so this is a bit of a cheat because it doesn’t exist and is entirely fictional, and if you’ve seen the movie or read the book, you will know that isn’t necessarily an entirely bad thing
  • Fortnite: Fortnite is, of course, primarily known as one of the most successful online games ever created
  • Roblox: Roblox is a gaming platform used daily by more than 50 million users. It lets anyone create and even monetize their own game worlds, which all exist within an interconnected metaverse and share aspects like avatars and currency
  • IMVU: IMVU is a 3D Avatar Social App that allows users to explore thousands of Virtual Worlds or Metaverse, create 3D Avatars, enjoy 3D.
  • Pokemon Go: Pokemon Go launched before the hype intensified around the metaverse concept
  • Meta Horizons (Facebook): When Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg renamed his company to Meta, it was a sign of how important he felt the metaverse concept would be to the future of digital communications, socializing, and living
  • Decentraland: Something of a cross between a game, a marketing channel, and an experiment in creating a digital, decentralized democracy, Decentraland is a true web3 platform
  • Nvidia Omniverse: Omniverse is Nvidia’s attempt to build a creative metaverse platform for 3D design professionals
  • The Sandbox: This started out as a mobile game, which in 2018 was ported by its creators to the Ethereum blockchain, becoming one of the first truly decentralized metaverse platforms
  • Otherside: This one has only just been announced, and not many details are known, but it is a metaverse project put together by Yuga Labs – creators of the immensely successful Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) series of NFTs. In April, the company raised $285 million with the sale of the first batch of “deeds” to land on the platform.

Top Companies Supporting Metaverse

  • Meta
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Unity Software
  • Tinder
  • Shopify
  • Epic Games
  • Nike

How To Access The Metaverse On iphone

A smart phone. It’s entirely possible to venture into the metaverse with just your iOS or Android device. Platforms like Roblox can be accessed after downloading its app for free, and others like Axie Infinity are accessible through Android, though they’re not available on the iPhone yet. The metaverse uses virtual reality and augmented reality to virtually transport you to a different place, or world. Accessing the metaverse is as simple as putting on a virtual reality headset and holding a set of controllers.

You can use the following applications to access the metaverse using your iphone;

  • Roblox Mobile
  • Uhive
  • Play Together

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