13 Startup Companies To Invest In 2023

13 Startup Companies To Invest In 2023

For those who are unfamiliar with what a start up company is. A startup company is a project undertaken by an entrepreneur to seek, develop, and validate a scalable business model.

Startup companies are companies or ventures that are focused on a single product or service that the founders want to bring to market. These companies typically don’t have a fully developed business model and, more crucially, lack adequate capital to move onto the next phase of business.

5 Types Of Startup Companies

  • Small business startups.
  • Buyable startups.
  • Scalable startups.
  • Offshoot startups.
  • Social startups.

Small business startups

This are small businesses that grow at their own pace. Such startups are  self-funded, meaning that there’s less pressure to become an elite business to be noticed by investors.

Buyable startups

In this startup small teams build a business from scratch and sell it to a more successful entity in their industry. The main purpose of starting this particular kind of startups is to be able to sell it out to a bigger player in the industry.

Scalable startups

The concept behind is startup is to raise capital from external investors. The capital realized from this is then used to support growth initiatives to score more customers and eventually grab the attention of folks willing to buy them out.

Offshoot startups

This are start ups that break off from their parent companies to become independent.

Social startups

This start up operate similarly to any other startup, but do so with the help of grants and donors.

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13 Startup Companies To Invest In 2023

  • Callin
  • Impact Food
  • Wega Labs
  • Return
  • Tangibly
  • Perform
  • Green Places
  • Linguix
  • Trendsapio
  • Skio
  • Phantom
  • Wander
  • Valar Labs


The podcasting and multi-media market is a notoriously hard one to break into. Seeming to break this mold is Callin, a podcasting app that allows users to create and enjoy live audio content all from one streamlined platform.

Impact Foods

A San Francisco-based company dealing with plants, and the latest innovations in biotechnology to craft a nutrient-dense, palate-pleasing, and sustainable plant-based seafood.

Wega Labs

Wega Labs is a ‘utility and gameplay’ first web3 gaming company which deals with building fun strategy games with play and earn mechanics.


Return is a company that is situated in Baltimore, MD, “Return” manufactures AI-powered B2B software dedicated to improving sales and marketing management for the enterprise industry.


Tangibly is a Seattle-based company Tangibly is an information management platform designed to aid business owners in securing their intellectual property and trade secret rights in a legally enforceable format.


Perform is an app-based interactive running coach powered by artificial intelligence and real-world professional coaching.

Green Spaces

Green Spaces is a company that works to communicate the business carbon-reduction efforts and sustainability practices to both internal and external stakeholders helping the business receive all of the credit due for their efforts.


Linguix is an AI-based writing assistant.


Trendsapio is situated in Chicago, Illinois, and catering to a global audience, Trendsapio is a digital incubator, and worldwide creative talent and innovation marketplace designed to showcase the artistic and entrepreneurial journeys of artists.


Founded in 2021, Skio is a software startup that makes it easier for brands on Shopify to sell subscriptions


Founded in 2021 in Silicon Valley, the startup initially ran on the Solana blockchain platform to host its activities. However, the software recently expanded its support to Ethereum and Polygon to bring communities together from across the web3 space and to expand its user access even further.


Also founded in 2021, Wander is a short-term rental startup that works in a similar way to apps like Airbnb and Vrbo. Unlike its competitors, however, Wander owns each property it lists and caters explicitly to digital nomads.

Valar Labs

A Palo Alto-based company uses emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technology to tackle pressing questions in cancer care.










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